Encouraging craft in the Tandridge area
Designed by Steve Beal
Tandridge Handicraft Society
Autumn Term 2021: Monday 6 September to Monday 20 December 6 September: Autumn Term Begins 11 October: AGM: Tea at 3 pm followed by AGM at 3:30 pm and Display Of Work. 1 November: Outing to (DSI) Dance School International – Makers of costumes for Strictly Come Dancing 15 November: Willow Weaving: Talk by Lorraine Ellery Matthews 13 December: Needlefelt Santa: Workshop by SJ O’Shea 20 December: End of Term & Christmas Cheer Spring/Summer Term 2022: Monday 10 January to Monday 25 July 10 January: Spring Term Begins 17 January: Stitchscapes: Talk by Beth Power 14 February: Tudor Hose and Other Wooly Matters: Talk by Steve Kennett 14 March: Cruising and Quilting: Talk by Jan Alliston 9 May: Royal School Of Needlework and Beyond: Talk by Jenny Beal 25 July: End of Term & Display Of Work Talks and Demonstrations are generally held every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the year. Details tbc.